Best 5 Questions & Answer For Google Ads Setup

  1. You have elected to use the device platform targeting in your Google AdWords. How is the quality score calculated for this feature?

Answer: The quality score is calculated the same as all Google AdWords ads: It’s calculated using a variety of factors and measures how relevant your keyword is to your ad group and to a user’s search query.

2. You have created four different ads for a client. The client is pleased, but wants to know how Google AdWords selects which sponsored links ad to display. How does Google AdWords chooses the ad to display?

Answer:  The AdWords system automatically rotates among the different ad variations and shows the better-performing variation more.

3. Google wants to make certain that Google Content Network consultants understand where people are spending their time online. Google has identified four categories where people spend their time online. Which one of the following statements ranks Internet usage for Web users from smallest to largest percentage of time online according to Google?

Answer: Content sites, communication sites, commerce sites, search sites

4. Jeff is creating a mobile ad for his Website for the Google AdWords program. Which one of the following options is allowed by Google AdWords for mobile users?

Answer:  A call link so visitors can immediately call rather than visit the Website

5. Amy is new to Google AdWords and she’s curious about the policies Google requires for participants and their ads. Which one of the following is NOT of the Google AdWords policy categories?

Answer:   Image policies

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